3M™ 06382 – Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape, Black, 1.12 mm

Features and Benefits:

  • Features two adhesives – one on each side of the tape for effective bonding
  • Non-liner side adhesive is designed for high initial and final bond to automotive paint systems
  • Liner-side adhesive is excellent for metals and plastic parts
  • Black foam tape provides good bond-line appearance
  • Conformable 1.12 mm acrylic foam core delivers stress relaxation under load


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Product Overview:

3M™ Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape 06382 features two adhesives, one on each side of a 1.12 mm acrylic foam core. Liner-side adhesive is formulated for bonding to automotive paint systems, and the non-liner-side bonds to metals and plastics used in automotive components. Both deliver excellent initial tack and adhesive build for a permanent bond. Black tape helps create sharp bond lines.

Two Adhesives for Bonding to Automotive Parts and Paint Systems
Developed specifically for attaching exterior trim and other parts to automotive substrates, our 3M™ Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape 06382 (PDF, 319 Kb) features a 1.12 mm acrylic foam core with two different adhesives — one for each side of the application. The liner-side acrylate adhesive provides very high initial and final adhesion to a range of traditional and scratch-optimized auto paint systems. The adhesive on the non-liner side is designed for plastic and metal surfaces including polypropylene, PP/EPDM and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) commonly used on automotive trim and components. Both adhesives are formulated for high adhesive build. The viscoelastic foam core conforms well even to complex geometries. It is engineered for stress relaxation when exposed to high stress loads, and maintains bond-line aesthetics under normal stress loads. The black color of this OEM approved tape helps create sharp bond-lines. A red 3M branded liner provides easy one-piece release for efficient application.

Confidence in Your Purchase
The 3M branded liner features a subtle 3M logo-marking to provide evidence to the customer that they are receiving the 3M quality they expect from their purchase. The liner makes our tapes easy to identify and difficult to imitate. This proprietary branding technology is designed to help identification of 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes.

3M recommends the use of 3M™ Automotive Adhesion Promoter 06396 for tape-to-part adhesion with Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape 06382 on all plastic parts such as RIM, TPO, PPO, PP and PC.


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