3M™ 07333 – Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive

Features and Benefits:

Higher impact strength versus traditional
bonding adhesives
• Recommended by many OEMs
• Provides corrosion protection with
lifetime warranty
• Room temperature curing (accelerated
curing with heat)
• Can be weld bonded or rivet bonded
within working time
• Adheres to a wide variety of properly
prepared steel and aluminum substrates
• Dispenses silver, color changes to purple to
indicate proper mixing and curing process
has begun
• Glass bead technology protects against
overclamping and maintains a minimum
bond line thickness
• Has excellent shelf life opened or unopened,
reducing unused product replacement costs


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Product Overview:

3M™ Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive is designed to meet specific strength requirements for parts such
as frame rails, strut towers, sills, pillars and other members where impact resistance is important. This type of
adhesive possesses a much greater ability than traditional bonding adhesives to absorb and manage energy
under a variety of forces, especially peel and cleavage stresses in extreme temperature conditions. Typically
impact resistant structural adhesive is used in conjunction with rivets, spot welds or mechanical fasteners.


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