3M™ 08578 – Strip-Caulk, Black, 6 mm x 30.5 cm, 60/Box

Features and Benefits:

  • Permanently pliable material is ready to use for seams, joints and gaps
  • Won’t shrink or become brittle, ensuring seals and greatly reducing rework
  • Fast, no-mess application – thumbs into place and smooths with a finger
  • Can be painted immediately, maximizing shop time
  • High temperature resistance for a broader variety of uses



Product Overview:

3M™ Strip-Caulk is a soft butyl rubber caulking material that quickly and permanently fills all types of seams, joints and openings – long-lasting auto body maintenance and repair in much less time.

With its durable butyl rubber construction and permanently-pliable formula, our 3M™ Strip-Caulk is ideal for filling non-visible automotive joints, seams, voids and gaps. This thumb-grade seam sealer arrives ready to install without mixing, spraying or tools. It thumbs in quickly and smooths with a fingertip. And its high heat resistance also makes it suitable for applications including engine compartment seams and firewalls. 3M™ Strip-Caulk never hardens or becomes brittle, so seams stay smooth and gaps stay filled. It is also non-shrinking, which makes it excellent as a sealer for plugging holes and preventing noise and moisture penetration. It arrives in a box in neat 1-foot lengths, ready to use. It installs in minutes without tools. It’s great as a seam and gap filler as well as a sealer for noise and moisture, even in high-temperature spaces. And it keeps performing, reducing rework and saving time and money.


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