3M 33039 – Perfect It 1 Step Finishing Material

Features and Benefits:

  • LOSE THE COMPOUND: Eliminates the need for time consuming compound when used with the 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Paint Finishing System​
  • ENGINEERED TO WORK TOGETHER: Maximizing results when used with 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Foam Finishing Pads
  • CLEANER JOBS: No compounding step means no sling, wool fibers, lint or dried compound to clean up​
  • SYSTEMATIC DESIGN: Flawlessly removes scratch left by 3M Trizact 8000-grade paint finishing abrasives​
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Use for cured, fresh, medium and hardest paint finishes, detailing, sand scratch and swirl mark removal​
  • For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.



Product Overview:

See less mess, spend less time on cleanup and enjoy a high-gloss finish without using rubbing compound when you use 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Finishing Material, 33039, and its matching pads. ​ ​ Developed specifically for the 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Paint Finishing System, it’s formulated to achieve a deeper, glossier finish with fewer steps, less mess and no compound swirl marks. You could see better paint-finishing efficiency and lower process times that could build your shop’s throughput. ​ ​ Use 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Paint Finishing Material after super-fine scratch refinement with 3M™ Trizact™ 3000-grade and 8000-grade paint finishing abrasives. Trizact 8000 produces a scratch pattern so fine it easily performs the work of compounding – refining and removing micro scratches to prep the paint surface for a deep rich finish. ​ ​ 3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finishing Material is built to work with the family of 3M™ Perfect-It™ 1-Step Pads, which are available in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch diameters.


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