3M™ – Acryl Putty

Features and Benefits:

  • Putty fills minor surface imperfections
  • Easy working properties include good spreadability
  • Leaves smooth edges with quality feathering
  • Low shrinkage offers better final results
  • Available in fast, medium and slow drying formulas 

    Formulas Include:

    • 3M™ Acryl-White Putty is a slow drying formula with a 2.5 minute work time and 25 minute sanding time
    • 3M™ Acryl-Red Putty is a medium drying formula with 2 minute work time and 20 minute sanding time
    • 3M™ Acryl-Green Putty is a fast drying formula with a 1.5 minute work time and 15 minute sanding time


Product Overview:

3M™ Acryl Putty restores smooth surfaces by filling small pinholes, scratches, stone chips and other minor blemishes in automotive and marine finishes. Our acrylic putty offers easy sanding, smooth spreading and low shrinkage.

Patch Minor Imperfections
3M™ Acryl Putty fills minor surface blemishes in cars, trucks, vans, boats and other vehicles. Our acrylic glazing putty offers excellent workability with easy and smooth spreadability that effectively conceals pinholes, sand scratches and other spot repairs. Once the putty fully cures, you’ll appreciate its low rate of shrinkage and excellent adhesion to the surface. The repaired patch will resist flaking and chipping.

Better Feathering Means Less Work
Our spot putty offers high quality feathering properties, meaning it is easy to smooth out the edges to blend with the surrounding surface. Good feathering will produce more satisfactory results and reduce sanding.


3M™ Acryl-White Putty – SLOW, 3M™ Acryl-Red Putty – MEDIUM, 3M™ Acryl-Green Putty – FAST


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3M™ Acryl-White Putty – SLOW, 3M™ Acryl-Red Putty – MEDIUM, 3M™ Acryl-Green Putty – FAST

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